The end is coming! For the 100th time.

“Its coming…don’t believe me? Don’t you see how all these events in our world are showing something is coming? Its all part of a prophecy that was depicted thousands of years ago. Its coming soon you prepare for the end of days!”

Yeah, most of can agree we have all that fearful skepticism heard that before. We have heard from the media, religion, strangers, or anyone that have…settle interest in apocalyptic outcomes. Most do deny these ideas and few might take them into consideration, (Unless they take it so much to heart that they come up with convoluted survival plans.) We don’t question the one of the main reason behind it all. Why do we think this? Is it out of fear? Is it out of the darkest figments of our imagination? It is hard to tell or come up with answer to something like this. However when it comes to having a few particular prospectives on a certain topic such as this, we have to come up with our own answer. Personally, the reason behind it the famous slogan of, “ITS THE END OF DAYS!!!” Maybe we think this because we want to feel comfortable about it. We might not know how, when, or why an event like that would happen if it ever did come to reality amd what could happen that day. However we can agree on the sensible logic that if there is a beginning, there sure will be end. So why not theorize ways it could happen to our knowledge and understanding. That way if that ever came true out of a strange circumstance, we feel ok with it. Were able to push on and move foward in our lives without being afraid especially if things were to actually hit the fan. Its something we can nonchalant about and is something we can easily come to terms about. This what we do to overcome any hardships in life in order to move on. A use of fear and imagination to make feel better. So many of anything stranger says “judgement day is here” theyre doing to feel ok about it. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen actually however.

Published on 7/29/2017

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We need change in America. (View on Police brutality)

Fuck the Police…

The famous phrase said by just about anybody that you might know of that doesn’t necessarily have any mutual feelings tours law enforcement. However this phrase clearly states the emotions of most citizens in America. I wanted to start out with this blog with that statement reason being all of the recent cop shootings that has happened. Once again we have two more unjustifiable acts of law done to two unarmed men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. We all know that this, of course, is heavily affecting the black community and America as a whole. However on this blog of Perspectives and Question, I would like to ask you reader a question. How long should you keep going on? How many more people have to die by unjustified law? Now many might perceive as another act involving race. However, no matter if you’re Caucasian, Middle Eastern, African American, or Latino, we can all agree that unnecessary force by the people that are sworn to protect us is wrong. We do need a reform in our justice system which is now in shambles. We have no fair trial, no fair arrest, no fair judgement. We see that now any kind of altercation police officer could result in death rather than a peaceful due process. Again, we can agree we need a reformation. We agree that we need change. We agree with that that correct? Then let me ask you this question. We are Americans correct? We are the people correct? Then how come my fellow American are we not coming together to make this a radical change? We need to come together and fix this problem that we have created for every citizen. I believe we need to unify in every neighborhood, every community, every city, and every state; and come together to make this possible. This is something that our country as a while needs to pursue as a goal weather its through peaceful interactions or through violence. I believe this because this to me is too common. We as a society made this norm. So much so that when I heard or see about this kind of situation on the news I feel so nonchalant about it. I know many others like me feel the same way because we have made this to be normal. We need a strong, fast, and radical change in our country. How many more might have to die if we don’t do anything about it? In the great words of John F Kennedy, I would like to ask you this reader. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

What makes us human?

What makes us human?

This is a question that might ponder the mind of anyone in their life from time to time. This is also another question that doesn’t necessarily have a clear answer. It can only found based ones perspective on how they would approach this question. Many can looking at it from a scientific perspective. We see what makes us human by out brains, traits, and generations of evolvation. We can look at it by how we are very social and emotional driven creatures that are conscious and aware of their actions. There are so many ways to come up with answer to that question. So I wanted ask everyone would might read this. What do you think makes up human? Comment your thoughts and feelings about it to see the different perspectives on it that topic. #letsthink

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